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April 20, 2019
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April 30, 2019

There are certain things that you must provide for the healthy living of your livestock like alpacas. Alpacas are unique livestock, and thus their requirements and needs are different from other livestock. Therefore you have to know about the unique ways to take care of the alpacas. The following are some of the tips to be followed so that you raise healthy alpacas on your farm.

Keeping Your Alpaca Healthy

Offer Ivomec Shots Every Month

Alpacas is likely to be attacked by a parasite called meningeal worm. This worm affects the brain of the alpacas. Thus it is vital that you prevent the attack of the worm by offering monthly ivomec shots. It is possible to disrupt the lifecycle of the worm by providing a regular dose of iveomc.

Provide Lot Of Dry Lots

Dry lots are areas where there are no grasses, and they are justify dry. The hay for alpacas is stored in dry lots. The presence of dry lots prevents the growth of parasites in the alpacas’ farm. Dry lots affect the life cycle of the parasites. Thus it is possible to raise healthier alpacas with less stomach worm. Make sure that you keep the alpacas in dry lots for a  maximum number of hours by reducing the time spent in pastures. This would prevent exposure to parasite and parasite eggs.

Use LGD’s To Protect Against Predators

LGD is a guard animal which is mainly used to protect alpacas from predators. The common predator that is a threat for your alpacas is the neighborhood dogs. Other predators are foxes, coyotes, bears, etc. LGD can help in protecting your alpacas from all the predators mentioned above. Make sure that you purchase the LGD which is raised as a guardian for livestock. LGD that were not raised for this purpose would be a significant threat for your alpacas.

Keeps Them Cool In Summer

Alpacas are livestock which prefers cold climate and less humidity. Thus it is essential that you keep the alpaca farm cool during summer. Provide shelters, fans and other things to keep them cool in summer. This would help to withstand high temperature and avoid death due to extreme heat.

Do Not Share Pastures Of Other Livestock

Though alpaca is adaptable livestock, it is not a good practice to share the pasture of other livestock with alpacas. Parasites from other livestock can be deadly for alpacas. Thus make sure that you provide a separate farm for your alpacas.

Check Body Score Regularly

Alpacas are prey animals, and they are stoic. They would not exhibit illness very soon, and thus it is essential that you keep track of their health regularly. You must check the body score of alpacas every month to know about their health condition.

Perform Fecal Test

The fecal test would help to monitor the attack of parasites in alpacas. Perform the test regularly so that you can treat your alpacas or prevent it from the attack of alpacas.

Check the Weight Regularly

It is essential that you check the weight of alpacas regularly. This would help to keep track of the condition of the livestock.

Alpaca farming is challenging, and the above tips would be useful to raise healthy alpacas.

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