Tips For Establishing A New Alpaca Farm

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March 20, 2019
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April 20, 2019

Alpacas are unique livestock, and they are different from goats, cows, sheep, etc. They are an adaptable animal that prefer a colder climate but try to manage even in hot climates. This livestock is from the Andes Mountain and belongs to the camelid family. It is possible to grow alpacas across the globe, and it is mainly raised for its valuable fiber. Some people mistake alpacas with baby llamas due to the size of the ear and shape of the livestock. People who wish to start a new alpaca farm should perform research on setting up an alpaca farm.

Great Tips On Starting An Alpaca Farm

Land Requirement

There is a particular land requirement when you decide to establish a new alpaca farm. It is sufficient that you own one acre of land for accommodating nearly 10-15 alpacas. This land requirement would be adequate when you raise the alpacas with hay. You must have more acres of lands when you wish to grow alpacas in pastures. Make sure that your land is free from toxic plants.

Construct A Barn

After choosing a land, you have to build a barn for the alpacas. The barn would serve as a shelter for your alpacas. It would help to keep the livestock cool and escape from direct sunlight. A barn would serve as a perfect shelter during the rain.  Moist and wet alpacas would ruin the fleece. You can build any type of barn based on your budget. Avoid metal roofing as it gets heated quickly.

Provide Fencing

It is essential that you protect alpacas in your land and prevent them from entering other territories. You can do this by providing secure fencing around your alpacas’ farm. Go for 41/2 and 5 feet fences for your alpaca farms. Make use of boards or woven wires with spacing not less than four inches apart. This spacing should be followed to prevent the head of the alpacas being stuck in between the fencing. You can also install a no-climb fence with electrical wires so that it prevents the entry of the predators.

Hire Reliable Veterinarian

When you have an idea of setting up an alpaca farm make sure that you have a local veterinarian who is aware of alpacas. The Vet should be available anytime, and he/she should provide vaccination shots, treatments, and regular check-ups as and when it is required. You can learn some of the daily checkup routine performed for your alpacas from professionals and deliver them yourself. Thus you can rely on the vet only during an emergency.

Perform Routine Check-ups

Alpacas are highly tolerant animals, and thus they can withstand any health conditions. Therefore you would be unaware of the actual health condition of the livestock. Thus it is essential that you perform routine check-ups with your Cost Requirements.

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