The History Of Alpaca

Alpaca Breeding Made Easier and More Profitable By Technology
September 2, 2017
The History Of Alpaca Farming
November 26, 2017

Vermont Alpacas and its History

Alpacas have become popular because of its quality wool or fleece. The Alpaca History dates back to more than 5000 years. Earlier, these mammals were found only in South America. Today, they are imported to many well-developed countries. These animals look similar to LLamas. The Alpacas are categorized into two types namely – Huacaya and Suri. Huacaya breeds are characterized by the dense fiber, while the Suri is characterized by the silky fibers, which has less withstanding capability to cold weather. Huacaya breeds are found more than the Suri.

The Alpacas were first exported to North America in the year 1984. In general, the lifetime of the Alpaca is 20 years and the gestation period is 11.5 months. One of the main reasons for the popularity of the Alpaca farming is that they are the gentle animal and they do not have horns and claws. It is easy to clean and maintain this animal.

The natural fibers of this animal can be clipped without inflicting injury. Though these fibers are soft and warm, they are also stronger.

Alpacas were mentioned in the ancient Andean mythology, which referred this mammal as Mother Earth. Today, the fibers of Alpacas are used for making winter clothing. Thanks to the dense silk of Alpacas, make them highly resistant to the cold. Currently, the Alpacas are bred in well-developed countries like the UK, US, and Australia. This wool is available in different shades such as gray, maroon, peach, and white. The excellent flexibility of the wool makes them ideal for dyeing. What makes the Alpaca fibers the great insulator is their tiny air pockets. The wool is known for excellent tensile strength and shiny appearance. The Alpaca wool is highly durable, and hence it is considered as great for making fabric. The wool also has the ability to blend with other fibers to create new types of fabric.

The demand for Alpaca silk or fleece is increasing, and hence there is more business opportunity with Alpacas. Raising Alpacas can widen your money earning opportunities in the days to come. However, you should keep in mind that starting a farm is expensive. There is huge expense involved in buying the Animals and maintaining the farm. You need to have a spacious area for the animals to move and graze freely.

If you have enough money and infrastructure, then you can seriously consider starting an Alpacas farm. There are many websites on the Internet to give you the needed information on raising the Alpacas. You have to go through the Internet to do your research before investing the money. There are farm finder services on the Internet, which helps you find the nearest farm in your area.

When choosing a breeder, make sure that he keeps the animal in right condition without feeding the poisonous plants. When buying the mammals, make sure that they are in healthy condition and have attained the right age for breeding. You have to consider all the risks associated with raising the animal. There are many experts to help you with this issue, and you can seek their help.

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