Alpaca Breeding Made Easier and More Profitable By Technology

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August 25, 2017
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October 17, 2017

Alpaca farming has become a very lucrative business

Alpaca farming has become a very lucrative business with the silky fleece of the animal being very dear. Their wool as well as their breeding value makes them a great investment. Farm management techniques can be employed to effectively get the best out of this agricultural investment. Alpacas being flight animals – their only way to defend themselves against predators is to run – they prefer living as a herd.

An area of around an acre is assumed to be enough to raise about four to eight alpacas. Providing fencing to keep the predators out is another essential requirement that you can’t do without when you are breeding alpacas for commercial purposes. Pasture management can be better facilitated by using software that can provide an accurate picture using satellite imaging and other modern technology if you opt for a more extensive farming venture.

Ensure that the grass and hay in your pasture is enough to provide a supple diet for your herd by analyzing it. While alpacas can survive on the forage during summer and spring seasons, during winter they need to be provided with additional nutrients and supplements to keep them healthy. Winter also calls for extra protection in terms of shelter, though these animals are used to being in rather harsh conditions. Regular vet care, vaccinations and deworming will also be helpful. Incorporating all these requirements and getting a customized farm management package would be the best solution to maximize your output from your investment.

With the younger generation getting more tech-savvy, they are more open to using apps, smartphones and software to provide solutions to the age-old problems of farming. They use technology to get themselves help with farm management, weather or even animal husbandry. The modern solutions providers using cloud driven technology has only helped the matter further. This makes accessing your management tools easier from anywhere in the world giving you real-time information about your business which helps you take informed decisions as and when an issue comes up.

With everything – from the sheds for winter shelter having computerized heating and cooling to surveillance cameras that can warn about predators entering your pasture – being tech-driven, it is inevitable that technology will play a major role in determining the success of a farm in the future. It is no longer enough to be a good farmer to survive and sustain in the market, it is also important that you become a business person with impeccable farm management skills.

When you own an alpaca farm, there are a lot of things that you need to take care; right from the number of Alpaca that you have to the food that you need to give them to the cleaning of the animal, which is never an easy job. When discussing this difficulty with our fellow local farmers, we came to know about farm management software that is being used by many of them. Technology is not only helping the IT industry, it has also made farming simple. Companies like Whiteout Solutions, Wondersoft, etc. are making farming easy by showing us the tech-way. In order to help farmers and people who are new to farming, it is essential that they make it a point to do a bit of research, and utilize some of the tips given in sites like The internet can be used to find sites that have a lot of small farming and animal rearing programs, which can be utilized to bring about a more assured form of success.

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  1. Charles says:

    We made use of various technological advancements in our Alpaca farms which gave us more porfit.

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    The farm management sodtware is of great use to manage our alpaca farm

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    I have decided to start a small farm and grow Alpaca

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    I have decided to start a small farm and grow Alpaca

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    My friend is running a successful Alpaca Farm in her native. She exports their wool to various countires.

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