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March 26, 2018
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April 26, 2018

Stay at a home in Malkini powered with Inverter battery

Malkini is an Alpaca and adventure farm which offers a lot of outdoor activities. This place provides a unique combination of outdoor sports and also an opportunity to see and learn how alpacas live in the highlands. If you are worried about the power cut off as you are away from the city, the UPS dealers have done a great job of providing a good power backup. So nothing is stopping you from visiting this farm, ottawacitizen.com/news/local-news/the-internets-favourite-alpaca-herd-finds-a-new-home as you can relax and be with nature and learn about internet’s new favorite the Alpaca.

Women petting a Alpaca on a warm bright day with clear blue skyThere are many Alpaca farms in Peru, but the Malkini is one of the biggest private farms in Peru. It is located very close to Munani, and the highlands offers all that the nature lovers look. Beauty and serenity to the fullest along with a safe stay. The climate around this region is also very conducive to outdoor activities with it being cool and cloudy most of the time. The temperature varies from 22F to 61F and never goes below 19F or above 66F. The variation in temperature is very minimal, and hence there are no hot or cold seasons at all. It is owned by Mitchell Group and has 3000 hectares of land and have more than 3000 alpacas of Huancayo and Suri species.

Experience life at Malkini

More about the farm: The Andean highlands is known for its diversity in microenvironments and has vast landswomen feeding food for two alpaca breeds at a clean Alpaca farm, with power backup solutions from inverter battery dealers for pastures. The surroundings are also conducive to have events such as the wedding,s seminars, etc. as well as to practice outdoor sports. It has the safest and the best accommodations for visitors who want to experience the highlands without missing out on any comforts. Not just that when you stay in their accommodations, you are indirectly helping the farmers in that region. The group is committed to teaching the farmers about how to improve their breeding through various programs. They are also actively involved in ensuring the sustainability of the industry by helping the Peruvian government in genetic improvement of Alpacas.

If you are among those who want to be associated with animals, you should visit the Alpaca farm. There are many animals that you can see, and that should make your stay very interesting. You can spend time talking to the owners about how to raise the Alpacas, how to shear and how to make various products out of the wool. If you have kids who want to feed them, the owners allow them to feed but may not let you inside the pen. There are gift shops where you can buy the products. A visit here is a good activity for the kids as they can learn to appreciate the natural habitat of animals and will be a great learning experience.

Adventure: The landscape and the climate in this region are such that you can undertake many outdoor activities like trekking, horse riding, biking, rock climbing and even camping. You can also discover the people around this region; you can experience the purity of the Andes. It is surrounded by mountains, lakes, waterfalls and a variety of flora and fauna.

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