ABOV or Alpaca Breeders of Vermont was formed around two decades ago to help alpaca owners and breeders in the region. Alpacas were first imported to this part of the world in the early 90’s and thrived in the climate thereby resulting in a large number of alpacas in the region. Hence, the need for an official source of information and resources arose for the alpaca farms in the locality. Alpaca Breeders of Vermont played a huge role in filling this position by educating the locals and promoting the advancement of alpaca breeding in the community. Several different events like alpaca health care, shows & exhibits, educational event, find raising campaigns were organized by the ABOV in an effort to encourage alpaca breeding and farming.

Alpaca Breeders of Vermont plan on taking further steps in the future to help out members by intensifying marketing and offering other outreach opportunities. The ABOV is dedicated in providing enough support to alpaca breeders from all over the country and overcome any obstacles that stand in their way of success. Some of the goals of the ABOV can be seen below:
· Educate the public about alpacas and alpaca products.
· Maintain an official DNA registry system.
· Market alpaca products.
· Promote research that will benefit the alpaca industry.
· Organize and maintain alpaca registration records.

The team behind Alpaca Breeders of Vermont is dedicated in creating a platform for alpaca breeders to discuss and come up with solutions for different issues faced by them. Register today to make your voice heard!